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Calderon-Berumen, Freyca, Texas Christian University (United States)
Capraro, Mary Margaret (United States)
Caraballo, Limarys (United States)
Carlson, Dennis, Miami University
Carter, Mindy R., McGill University (Canada)
Cary, Lisa
Casey, Zachary A., Rhodes College
Chan, Elaine
Chapman, Thandeka K.
Chappel, Jacquelyn, University of Hawaii at Manoa (United States)
Chappell, Sharon Verner (United States)
Christou, Theodore
Clawson, Jess, University of Florida (United States)
Clegg, Sue
Clegorne, Nicholas Anthony, Kennesaw State University (United States)
Coloma, Roland Sintos (Canada)
Connelly, Catherine E.
Conrad, Diane
Cridland-Hughes, Susan, Eugene T. Moore School of Education Clemson University 418E Tillman Hall 864.656.7647 (United States)
Crump, Alison
Crutcher, Paul
Curry, Kristal Leah (United States)
Cutts, Qiana M.

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