Inspiriting the Proleptic: Spirituality in a Postmodern Curriculum to Advance Well-Being in Schools


  • Alycia Elfreich Indiana University-- IUPUI


curriculum studies, curriculum theory, spirituality, well-being, theology as text, currere, proleptic eschatology, reflexivity, postmodern


This paper examines the integration of curriculum as theological text in the classroom as a mechanism to promote well-being in schools. Specifically, Elfreich draws upon Slattery’s (2013) postmodern framework of proleptic eschatology in an effort to promote an inspirited version of Pinar’s currere. As such, currere(ing) the spirit creates a space for transcendence within education that acknowledges the interdependent nature of who we are in relation to others. Finally, in keeping with a postmodern framework, Elfreich provides a reflexive, auto-biographical narrative of the proleptic in relation to curriculum and well-being as an attempt to exemplify the interconnected nature of past, present, and future.

Author Biography

Alycia Elfreich, Indiana University-- IUPUI

Aly ElfreichDoctoral Candidate | Urban Education StudiesIndiana University School of Education--Indianapolis Research AssistantCenter for Urban and Multicultural Education (CUME)Indiana University School of Education--Indianapolis902 W. New York St. ES 2114Indianapolis, IN 46202-5155