Vol 31, No 3 (2017)

Journal of Curriculum Theorizing










Table of Contents

General Themes

Provoking Dialogues: Worth Striking For Nunez.pdf
Isabel Nuñez, Ligia Licho López, Arlo Kempf, Jennifer Job, Mayme Francyne Huckaby, Pamela J. Konkol
Lingering on Aoki’s bridge: Conceptualizing curriculum as techno-theological text Lee.Pdf
Yu-Ling Lee

Engaging Texts

A Living Curriculum of Orgullo Calderon-Berumen.pdf
Freyca Calderon-Berumen, Karla O'Donald
On Securitization Rhetoric, Critical Literacy, and Affirming Teaching: A Philosophical Exploration Cridland-Hughes.pdf
Susan Cridland-Hughes
Engaging Graduate Students throughout the Research Writing Process Rodriguez.pdf
Regina Chanel Rodriguez, Bryant Griffith, Lucinda M. Juarez
Illuminated Footprints of Nonviolence in Hongyu Wang’s Nonviolence and Education: Cross-Cultural Pathways Jenkins.pdf
Heidi W. Jenkins
The Trouble With Reader-response Theory in Reading Multicultural Literature: A Critique of Dana Fox’s and Kathy Short's Stories Matter Chappel.pdf
Jacquelyn Chappel
Book Review: An Activists Handbook for the Education Revolution: United Opt Out's Test of Courage Homana.pdf
Gary Homana
An Essay Review of Deborah Britzman's 'A psychoanlyst in the classroom: On the human condition in education' Vallee.PDF
Daniel Vallee

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