Time of Wonder

Biophilia and Children's Literature


  • Cynthia Marlene Morawski
  • Catherine-Laura Dunnington Mount Saint Vincent University


From early childhood, picture books have captivated us with a spectrum of characters playing out plot lines in places both far and near. More specifically, many of these books, with their aesthetic and efferent elements of words and images, have come together to evoke and inspire our love of Nature and respect the potential role Nature can play in our daily lives—formally known as biophilia. In a back and forth sequence within the pages that follow, each of us presents and responds with both word and image, to 3 picture books that have all played roles in reaffirming our love and respect of the natural world. In particular, our work will be theoretically grounded in Rosenblatt’s reader response, methodologically supported by auto-bibliography as a form of narrative inquiry, and grounded in biophilia. 

Author Biography

Cynthia Marlene Morawski

Cynthia Morawski, a graduate of Columbia University Teachers College, is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa, where she teaches integrated language/arts, literacy, disabilities studies, and literature, and researches literacy learning; bibliotherapy; women’s lives; and arts-based learning, including poetics of memory work, in teaching narratives and learning differences.