Object Lesson


  • Wade Tillett University of Wisconsin - Whitewater


Poststructuralism, materialism


The physical environment and objects are actors in the curriculum of everyday life. Because of the seemingly static nature of built structures, the implicit boundaries they manifest from prior design decisions are often overlooked. The objects and place in which one operates inherently affects the understandings of self and world. Said another way, learning always exists as action with pre-constructed curricular objects and within pre-constructed curricular environs.

However, the participant and environment are never completely pre-defined prior to the learning event. Instead, through (re)iteration and translation, realities are produced. Continuous learning, production, and inhabitation occur through disruption and perpetuation of subject, object, other, and environ. It is through our minute adjustments, our micro-learnings, our daily living, that we re-produce a self and world.

Author Biography

Wade Tillett, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Assistant Professor