Time to Die: Zombie as Educational Evolution in The Girl with All the Gifts


  • Chris Osmond Appalachian State University


zombies, curriculum theory, educational reform, neoliberalism


Unique among horror tropes, the zombie apocalypse narrative must usually conclude either with a cure or a profoundly transformed new world. The Girl with All the Gifts (Clarke & McCarthy, 2016) instead offers a view of a world in transition – a world that offers illuminating questions for theorizing educational reform. What does it mean to come through infection with your humanity intact? What does it mean to survive a contagion so universal that it’s impossible to transcend it unchanged?  The in-betweenness of humans who perservere in the strange new world must become “something not like anything that has existed before,” which suggest that survival in the neoliberal educational policy milieu may require reformers to become both less and more than they expect.