The Orders of Cultural Production


  • Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández Ontario Institute for Studies in Education


In this article, Gaztambide-Fernández elaborates on what it means to engage the concept of cultural production as an analytic framework for making sense of creative symbolic practices within educational contexts. Building on his critique of the “rhetoric of effect” in arts education, Gaztambide-Fernández introduces the notion of cultural production as a framework for both analysis and for thoughtful arts education practice and advocacy. The paper presents the outline of a framework based on the idea that cultural production can be understood and engaged through five different but intersecting “orders” or dimensions of practice: the spatiotemporal order, the material order, the symbolic order, the relational order, and the affective order. Understanding these “orders” also opens up possibilities for thinking otherwise about the arts in education and for using cultural production as a pedagogical framework.