Mobilizing citational practices as feminist curriculum-making in early childhood education



citational practices, early childhood education, curriculum making, pedagogist


This article provides three propositions for thinking and doing citational practices as more than only technical, aggregating, or evidence to bolster a particular perspective in early childhood education. Collectively, we work to complexify our understanding of enacting citational practices in early childhood education and offer provocations for how we might build novel, accountable, pedagogical citational relations as we read and think together with early childhood educators. After offering speculative propositions for thinking citational practices otherwise, we turn to one example of a moment from practice and imagine how we might mobilize citational practices while thinking with this event. We argue for citational practices as a method of feminist curriculum-making; we offer an invitation to activate citational practices as a one engagement with feminist scholars and scholarship, and feminist methods of engaging in thoughtful, locally relevant dialogue that advances and answers for the consequences of the citational practices decisions we make.

Author Biography

Meagan Montpetit

PhD Candidate, Western University