Freedom, Interconnectedness, and Curriculum Attunement

A Cross-Cultural Perspective


  • Hongyu Wang


Wang takes a detour through Daoism and the West’s history of freedom to approach the notion of freedom through the thread of interconnectedness in a cross-cultural perspective, Wang argues that, without being immersed in the life-affirmative stream of interdependence, freedom cannot elevate individuals or groups above the web of life. Zhuangzi’s teaching about free wandering in Chinese indigenous wisdom is about the possibility of being free only when attuned to the rhythm of the cosmos. Incorporating both freedom and interconnectedness, curriculum attunement in the daily practice of education requires attending to both the inner and outer work of teachers and students for new openings and new relationality. In the shadows of freedom, this paper invites the transformation of the red fire of rage inside of us into the blue fire of passion (Doll, 1995) that can sustain life, for us, for our students, and for the planet.