Homecomings and Leavings


  • Alan Block


Though in my dreams I seek home, it turns out that the Desire to return home is actually a Desire to go out and seek that home. And because the nature of Desire is such that it is, by definition, unrealizable, and even unknown, then it must be that Desire sends me out into the world to establish its embodiment and grounds my life. My homecoming dreams are me, and these dreams represent the movement of my life: always a home leaving and yet always a home seeking. Get thee to a land I will show you, my dreams tell me. I go. In the classroom in the world, I create the souls I would take with me. In classrooms, we teachers might learn to lead our students out from home to find their home. We might help them dream of leave takings and homecomings; we might help them recognize and act upon their Desire.

Author Biography

Alan Block

Alan Block is a professor of education at University of Wisconsin-Stout. He has published six books and numerous essays on education, curriculum, ethics, and teaching.