Learning How to Love the World: Richmond and Snowber's Landscapes of Aesthetic Education


  • Karin H. deGravelles



In Landscapes of Aesthetic Education, Stuart Richmond and Celeste Snowber (2009) explore how aesthetic experiences can help us learn how to love the world, both in schools and in our everyday lives.  The thirteen essays contained in the book provide insights into the theory and practice of aesthetic education, as well as reflections on how the two artist-educators experience the aesthetic in their own lives and incorporate aesthetics into their teaching, mentoring, research, and art.  What emerges is two complementary and yet very different visions of aesthetic experience and education, provocative accounts of what loving the world might mean, how we can learn to do it, and how we can teach it.

Author Biography

Karin H. deGravelles

Karin H. deGravelles is an English Teacher and Reading Consultant at Episcopal High School of Baton Rouge. She recently completed her doctorate in curriculum theory and English education at Louisiana State University.  Her research considers ties between language, selfhood, and the space of the classroom.  In her dissertation, she examined classroom approaches to the traditionally out-of-school literacy practice of creating zines.






Cultural Studies and Curriculum