The Memoryscape in Buenos Aires: Representation, Memory, and Pedagogy


  • Daniel Friedrich


This paper will analyze how two different memorial spaces linked to the last dictatorship (1976-1983) in the city of Buenos Aires work as pedagogical sites. As I delve into the Museo de la Memoria [Museum of Memory] and the neighboring Parque de la Memoria [Parque de la Memoria], I will pursue the question about how they tie particular pedagogical assumptions embedded in them related to different understandings of political, pedagogical and aesthetic representation to the construction of contemporary democracy. As these sites deal with the memory of a traumatic past they open up question about the limits of contemporary views on the education of the subject.


Author Biography

Daniel Friedrich

      Daniel Friedrich is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University, and a former primary school teacher in his native Argentina. His book The Limits of Democratic Education as a Curricular Problem will be available in 2012.






Cultural Studies and Curriculum