"Nostalgia for the Future: Imagining Histories of JCT and the Bergamo Conferences"


  • Janet Miller


In conceptualizing a "nostalgia for the future," and in "imagining histories of Bergamo and JCT," I resist any one final version of the beginning, present, and future of either.  Rather, I posit a distinction between the wish to return to an earlier state or idealized past, and the desire not to fully return, but instead to recognize aspects of the past as bases for direction and commitment with/in the curriculum studies field.  I raise questions about what and how JCT and Bergamo might uniquely continue to contribute to that field by exploring how one might engage with "the past(s) of JCT and Bergamo" as retrieval for the future, as a locus of possibility and source of aspiration.

Author Biography

Janet Miller

Janet L. Miller, Professor of English & Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, is Founding Managing Editor of JCT:  The Journal of Curriculum Theorizing and served as Director/Co-Director of its Bergamo Annual Conference (1978-1998).  In 2010, she was elected a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association, and in 2008, received AERA’s Division B Lifetime Achievement Award.  She was elected Vice President of AERA for Division B (1997-1999), Secretary of Division B (1990-1992), and President of American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies (2001-2007).