"Nothing Carries the Root of its Own Being in itself" Hegel and Lacan on the Subject of Desire


  • James Stillwaggon
  • Rodino Anderson


While disciplining the energies of the young in harmony with the norms and goals of a given community has often been repeated as the purpose of education, the character of the energies of the young is not always clearly understood. Beginning with a common view of the child's energies as a natural phenomenon, pre-existing the educational discourses that shape it, we claim that such an understanding cannot account for the claim that society makes upon the subject's identity through its education. In place of a pre-discursive vision of childhood energies, we consider desire, described in the work of Hegel and Lacan, as a thoroughly relational understanding of human motivation through which the subject is shaped by the human forces around it.

Author Biographies

James Stillwaggon

James Stillwaggon is an assistant professor of education at Iona College. His areas of interest include teacher-student relationships, representations of teaching identities, and theories of subjectivity in education.


Rodino Anderson

Rodino F. Anderson is a Ph.D candidate at Teachers College, Columbia University. His research and publications focus on rehabilitating iconoclastic dimensions of curriculum theories found in the works of Plato, Hegel and W.E.B. Du Bois. He is currently working on promoting cultural capital programs in Latin America.






Studies in Philosophy, Ethics, and Education