Whose Ethics? Whose Interests?: The Tri-Council Policy and Feminist Research


  • Linda Eyre


This paper explores the implications of Canada's Tri-Council Policy Statement Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Human Subjects for feminist research and practice.  Through the explication of my research experience with feminist ethnography, autobiographical inquiry, and participatory action research I trouble the ethical assumptions underlying both my work and the Policy Statement. I show how feminist research is ambiguous, contextual, and political, requiring meaningful dialogue about ethics at the local level, not the imposition of rules grounded in positivist research paradigms, and neo-liberal discourses and practices. 

Author Biography

Linda Eyre

Linda Eyre is Professor of Education and Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies (Interdisciplinary Programs) at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. She teaches courses in Critical Studies in Education, and has published work on gender and education, sexuality education, sexual harassment, and research ethics. Her current research focuses on violence in the lives of youth.