Wringing the Neck of the Swan: Second Language Learning as a Tool for Conviviality


  • Kristin Dillman Jones


The author compares industrial (and modernist) second language learning approaches to convivial second language learning approaches. The paper utilizes the ideas of conviviality as described in the writings of Ivan Illich. Examples come from the author's experiences as a second language teacher and second language learner. The author includes recommendations for a more convivial approach toward second language learning, both for school environments and for public learning experiences in the commons.

Author Biography

Kristin Dillman Jones

Kristin D. Jones, Ph.D., is a wife and mother of two in Chicago's north suburbs. In addition to her domestic and community activities, she is also an adjunct instructor for Concordia University Chicago. Her research and writing focus on deschooling and women's roles in informal living-learning settings.