Kissing G.I. Joes: Critical Media Literacy Episodes and Wide-Awake, Critical Connoisseurship


  • Timothy A Kinard
  • Jesse S Gainer


This article explores the actions, as well as the thoughts, of teachers who are interested in - and prepared to engage in - critical pedagogy and the potential for using critical media literacy as a framework for this pedagogy.  This article investigates the notion that there is a recognizable and describable "mindset" that a teacher can have in order to prepare the type of learning environment in early childhood educational settings that creates a curriculum space for critical pedagogy; in this case we investigate the words and actions of such a teacher.  We argue that this "mindset," which we are calling wide-awake, critical connoisseurship, when employed in the classroom, lends itself particularly well to teacher engagement as a facilitator for students in critical media literacy episodes.  We argue that these episodes, when engaged in by teacher and student[s] can then lead to critical media literacy projects.  

Author Biographies

Timothy A Kinard

Timothy A Kinard is an assistant professor of early childhood education at Texas State University—San Marcos. His research interests are focused on the reconceptualization of early childhood education, especially in terms of counter-narratives and interruptive practices. He can be reached at

Jesse S Gainer

Jesse S. Gainer is an associate professor of literacy education at Texas State University—San Marcos. His primary research interests relate to critical media literacy and intersections of language, culture and literacy. He can be reached at