What is in a Voice? A Pedagogy of Voice for Museums


  • Annette Furo


This paper argues that a pedagogy of voice can allow students and teachers to critically engage with museum texts. To discuss voice in museum texts this paper will look at literature that examines representation in narratives of Canadian history. It will draw on two specific museum exhibitions to consider the ways certain voices are represented through the interplay of written and visual texts, how identities are defined and performed, and where the limits of acceptable speech are drawn. As an element of critical literacy, a pedagogy of voice can be used by educators in their professional practice and applied not only to museums but also to a wider range of educational texts that students encounter.

Author Biography

Annette Furo

Annette Furo holds a Master of Education from the University of Ottawa and researches in the area of cultural studies and curriculum theory. She has worked as an elementary school teacher and in the field of international education.