The Visceral Imagination: A Fertile Space for Non-Textual Knowing


  • Sean Weibe
  • Celeste Snowber


We come to this work as two educators informed by our art forms of poetry and dance to explore with sense, in sensuality, and partly incensed to investigate a fertile space for understanding non-textual knowing. We embark on living in ways that exceed present limitations and open up space for the visceral imagination.  Poetry and embodied engagement brings us closer to the finely nuanced textures of our experiences.  To know through and with the body is an invitation to celebrate the sensuous details of the everyday world where the landscape speaks in a language which is rooted in the smell of the earth and the feel of our skin.  This essay takes the readers on a journey with their full bodies and ushers them into a poetic rendering of the sensuous world within and without.

Author Biographies

Sean Weibe

Sean Wiebe is an assistant professor of education at the University of Prince Edward Island. His research explores issues in writing pedagogy, autobiography, teacher narratives, and arts-based methodologies. He is currently working on a two year project conducting research on poets’ pedagogies and alternative forms of knowing.

Celeste Snowber

Celeste Snowber, Ph.D. is a dancer, writer/poet and educator, who is an Associate Professor in the area of Arts Education at Simon Fraser University.  She has published widely in essays and books in the area of embodiment, and continues to create site-specific performance in connection to the natural world.






Cultural Studies and Curriculum