Reimagining Civil Rights and School Desegregation in the South after 50 years of the Civil Rights Movement Through Historical Narrative of Holly Spring in Mississippi


  • David M. Callejo Pérez


This is an article for JCT Special Issue –Narrative of Curriculum in
the South: Lives In-Between Contested Race, Gender, Class, and Power

Author Biography

David M. Callejo Pérez

David M. Callejo Pérez is the Carl A. Gerstacker Endowed Chair in Education and Chair, Human Subjects Institutional Review Board at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU). He has authored books, chapters, articles and papers Civil Rights in the South, Urban Schools, Higher Education, Research methodology and Evaluation, and Comparative Studies on Latin America. His books including Southern hospitality: Black identity and the civil rights movement in the South and Pedagogy of place: Understanding place as a social aspect of education. David was the director of the Doctoral Program in Curriculum Studies at West Virginia University (2005-2009), past-President of the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum (2010), a member and Factotum (2012) of the Society for Professors of Curriculum, and a Research Fellow at several Centers. He has authored White Papers, Technical Reports, and Evaluations for school districts, universities, communities, and companies including the Saginaw (MI) Promise and Regional Report Cards and Community Assessments. His most recent books are Higher Education and Human Capital: Re/thinking the Doctorate in America and The Red Light in the Ivory Tower: Contexts and Implications of Entrepreneurial Education.