Vol 28, No 3 (2012)

Journal of Curriculum Theorizing

Special Issue - Narrative of Curriculum in the South: Lives In-Between Contested Race, Gender, Class, and Power

Cover Art:"Old Sheldon Church" by: Wendy Chambers

Table of Contents


Ming Fang He, Sabrina Ross

General Themes

Shawn Arango Ricks
Wynnetta Scott-Simmons
Lucy Bush
Qiana M. Cutts, Bettina L. Love, Corrie L. Davis
David M. Callejo Pérez
Allison Henward, Laurie MacGillivray
Mark T. Kissling
Sonia Janis
Qiana M. Cutts
Jacquelyn Anthony
Cynthia Mikell
Michel Mitchell Pantin
Reta Ugena Whitlock