Bringing Out the Dead: Curriculum History as Memory


  • Petra Munro Hendry Louisiana State University
  • Annie Winfield Roger Williams University



Author Biographies

Petra Munro Hendry, Louisiana State University

Petra Munro Hendry is the St. Bernard Chapter of the LSU Alumni Association Endowed Professor in the College of Education. Since 1991, she has been at LSU, where she teaches courses in Curriculum Theory,Curriculum History, Oral History Methodology and Gender Studies. She is the co-director of the Curriculum Theory Project (CTP), an interdisciplinary research initiative which endeavors to understand education practice and reform within a broad social, political and cultural framework. Her scholarship examines the role of narrative in the construction of curriculum history, educational research and teachers' life histories. She is the author of five books and is currently completing research on her next project which draws on creolization theory to examine the history of education in Louisiana from 1719-1860.

Annie Winfield, Roger Williams University

Ann G. Winfield has a Ph.D. in Educational Research and Policy Analysis with a concentration in Curriculum Studies. An educational historian, Dr. Winfield’s (2007) book entitled Eugenics and Education in America: Institutionalized Racism and the Implications of History, Ideology, and Memory reflects her concern with the role of eugenic ideology in the establishment of our modern form of education as well as its manifestation in present educational policy. Dr. Winfield is an Associate Professor of Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.