A Finnish Intervention: Translating “To Teach: The Journey in Comics” by Bill Ayers


  • Anni Vainio
  • Antti Jauhiainen University of Helsinki



Author Biographies

Anni Vainio

Anni Vainio is a textile handicraft teacher graduated from University of Helsinki. She minored in life stance and environmental education and has studied civic activities (HUMAK, Finland) and social sciences (UCM, The Netherlands). Anni has worked with children most of her life and is currently on maternity leave with her little daughter.


Antti Jauhiainen, University of Helsinki

Antti Jauhiainen is an elementary school teacher student at the University of Helsinki, with many years of experience from working with children. He has also worked in various different human rights and student rights groups, and is founder and chair of Parecon Finland, and organisation focusing on ecological sustainability and economic democracy. Antti can be reached by email antti.jauhiainen@me.com