"You Must Accept Them and Accept Them With Love"--The Privileged Elite and the Struggle for Educational Justice


  • Carla Shalaby Harvard Graduate School of Education


Working from the belief that a humanizing education for the privileged elite is a necessary element of the larger struggle for educational justice, this paper sketches a course for pre-service educators that seeks to model an active commitment to love. After defining love as a political act, I identify and explain three critical lessons in a loving pedagogy for privileged educators-in-training, using student work to anchor the ideas throughout. Ultimately, I argue that regardless of whom we teach, leveraging the power of love to resurrect the human being of our students should be the goal of any practice rooted in the struggle for educational justice.

Author Biography

Carla Shalaby, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Carla Shalaby is a former teacher and currently a doctoral student in Culture, Communities, and Education, primarily interested in questions of difference, discipline, and teaching for freedom in elementary classrooms. She is deeply committed to teacher education and has served as Director of Elementary Education at two private institutions in the Northeast.