Shadows and light: Pursuing gender justice through students’ photovoice projects of the washroom space


  • Jennifer Ingrey University of Western Ontario


photovoice, gender justice, heterotopia, visual methodology, gendered subjectivation


This paper derives from a larger study examining the gendered striations embedded in school washrooms but focuses on two photovoice projects that explore the implications for student understanding and subjectivation.  Thematically linked through elements of lightness and darkness, I examine these photographs through the theoretical frameworks of the closet (Brown, 2000), the heterotopia (Foucault & Miskowiec, 1986), as well as Foucault’s (1975) disciplinary space which position them as material precursors to the issues of exposure and vulnerability for all gendered bodies in the space of the public school sex-segregated washroom.  As a queer methodology, or pedagogy, photovoice values student knowledge and pursues a social justice agenda.

Author Biography

Jennifer Ingrey, University of Western Ontario

Jennifer Ingrey is a doctoral candidate in Education in Gender, Equity and Social Justice at the University of Western Ontario.  Her dissertation investigates gendered subjectivity in youth as it is practiced and understood in school spaces. She is a recipient of the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship for doctoral studies.