Elementary Teachers’ Design of Arts Based Teaching: Investigating the Possibility of Developing Mathematics-Music Integrated Curriculum


  • Song An The University of Texas at El Paso
  • Daniel Tillman The University of Texas at El Paso


Interdisciplinary curriculum, arts-based education, mathematics education, music education.


In the current study we aimed to examine preservice and inservice teachers’ strategies in planning arts based interdisciplinary instructions. By focusing on teachers’ preparation for teaching mathematics lessons integrated with music-themed activities, we collected and analyzed 78 lessons plans, of which 37 lesson plans were developed by the preservice teachers and 41 lesson plans were developed by inservice teachers. The study examined and compared preservice and inservice teachers’ content foci and instructional processes in strategizing mathematics-music integrated pedagogy into their own original lesson plans. A total of 15 different ways to link music and mathematics content areas were identified from all the lesson plans. Differences in content selections and instructional processes coverage between preservice teacher and inservice teachers’ lesson plans were also explored.