Postcards from prison: An Auto-phenomenological Inquiry


  • Mindy R. Carter McGill University


autophenomenology, curriculum theory


This article is an auto-phenomenological curricular exploration represented through the writing of a "postcard from prison". The postcard from prison construct was developed through a series of conversations with the late Donald MacDougall. It is meant to act as an opening and movement towards a reflexive hybrid inquiry combining the autobiographical method of currere and phenomenology, for the purposes of understanding the curriculum in relationship to pre-service teacher education. Framing this inquiry with the idea of a postcard being sent from prison is meant to, arguably, assist the author in making a Husserlian phenomenological satz (leap) from the questions and recollections that have up until this point constituted her perceptions and framing of life events. In the spirit of phenomenological forecasting (Magrini, 2014) and the phenomenological reduction, this auto-phenomenological engagement is an attempt to reawaken the self to ontological questions of Being. The outcome of this undertaking is to consider how to live in the world deeply, with appreciation for each moment and experience without trying to categorize phenomenon, real or imagined, in dualistic terms.  Implications of this engagement are considered alongside the themes of education and teaching.



Author Biography

Mindy R. Carter, McGill University

Assistant Professor

Department of Integrated Studies in Education