Metaphorical Awakening: Curricular Reconceptualizations of Aesthetic Experience


  • Cristyne Hebert York University


aesthetic experience, metaphor, Maxine Greene


This article details the author’s efforts to become wide-awake while engaging with art during a semester in Maxine Greene’s course on an aesthetic experience. Juxtaposing narrative accounts with a close reading of Releasing the Imagination (1995), the author outlines some of the difficulties of this engagement by sketching the visual metaphors that appear throughout Greene’s work. She ultimately argues that the presentational immediacy of visual metaphors grounds the ways in which wide-awakeness can be experienced. The paper concludes with questions about what it might mean to dwell in the spaces in between, by gesturing toward the words of Ted Aoki.

Author Biography

Cristyne Hebert, York University

Faculty of Education, PhD Candidate