Special Section: Is Curriculum Studies a Protestant Project: A Jew and some Protestants Walked into a Bar...


  • Donald Blumenfeld-Jones Arizona State University
  • James Henderson Kent State University
  • Donna Breault Missouri State University
  • Petra Munro Hendry Louisiana State University



Author Biographies

Donald Blumenfeld-Jones, Arizona State University

Donald Blumenfeld-Jones is Associate Professor of Curriculum Studies, Ethics and Education at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College of Arizona State University. He received his doctorate in Curriculum Studies from UNC at Greensboro under the guidance of David Purpel.  He specializes in curriculum theory, arts-based education research, ethics and the classroom, hermeneutics, and critical social theory. He has numerous invited referred book chapters and he has journal articles in such places as Educational Theory, Journal of Aesthetic Education, and Journal of Curriculum Theorizing.  He has received the James B. Macdonald Prize in Curriculum Theory and has given international keynote addresses in Brazil and Canada.  He founded and directs ARTs (Arts-based Reflective Teaching), an elementary education teacher preparation program dedicated to the development of aesthetic and ethical consciousness as the basis for curriculum decision making and classroom teaching. Prior to his academic career, he danced professionally for twenty years, studying, performing and choreographing modern dance in NYC and performing, choreographing and teaching throughout the U.S. and Canada. He presently continues to dance in addition to his scholarly work.

James Henderson, Kent State University

After seven years of public school teaching, I pursued a doctorate in curriculum and teaching studies. I've been extremely pleased with this decision and feel fortunate to work at Kent State University, particularly given our Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies (TLC) School's commitment to offer curriculum-based graduate degrees.  I regularly teach three courses: Fundamentals of Curriculum, Curriculum Leadership, and Theory and Research in Curriculum.  I am coordinator of our TLC School's C&I Master's Degree (M.Ed.), Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) & Doctoral (Ph.D.) programs and the co-creator and first co-editor of The Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy.  I am an active member in the Curriculum & Pedagogy Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, the American Educational Research Association, and the Professors of Curriculum (POC) Honorary Society.  I am a past president of the POC Society.  My service work in these organizations is closely linked to my scholarly interests, which focus on reflective inquiry and curriculum leadership for democratic education. I have authored, co-authored and co-edited five books on these topics, and two of these books are currently in their third editions. I have worked closely with a local Superintendent of Instruction on the creation of a web-based Curriculum Leadership Institute, and I am the co-coordinator of the TLC School's Teacher Leader Endorsement Program (TLEP).

Donna Breault, Missouri State University

Throughout my career I have focused on teaching and leadership with a strong foundation of philosophy. In all that I do, I try to listen, learn, and facilitate an approximation of the ideal within whatever realm of influence I may have. I am passionate about creating enabling systems within organizations so that programs and the faculty who serve within them can thrive. Further, I am excited about the changes taking place in higher education, and I look forward to meeting those challenges with innovative curriculum, instruction, and program delivery.

Petra Munro Hendry, Louisiana State University

Petra Munro Hendry is the St. Bernard Chapter of the LSU Alumni Association Endowed Professor in the College of Education. Since 1991, she has been at LSU, where she teaches courses in Curriculum Theory,Curriculum History, Oral History Methodology and Gender Studies. She is the co-director of the Curriculum Theory Project (CTP), an interdisciplinary research initiative which endeavors to understand education practice and reform within a broad social, political and cultural framework. Her scholarship examines the role of narrative in the construction of curriculum history, educational research and teachers' life histories. She is the author of five books and is currently completing research on her next project which draws on creolization theory to examine the history of education in Louisiana from 1719-1860.