Whispers in the Halls: Exploring the Mother/Teacher in Madeleine Grumet's Bitter Milk: Women and Teaching


  • Sara Carrigan Wooten


This feminist reading of Madeleine Grumet's Bitter Milk: Women and Teaching will bring the reader through an analysis and critique of the text and focus on the text's relevancy for feminist and curriculum theories twenty years after its publication.  The analysis will work through Grumet's focus on the processes of (re)production and its affects on curriculum.  By looking at how women's epistemologies can be understood as relational to others and children, Grumet offers a new idea of knowledge and how it can affect public education reform.  


Author Biography

Sara Carrigan Wooten

Sara Carrigan Wooten is a master's student in Educational Studies at Tufts University.  She holds a master's in Sociology and Women's & Gender Studies from Brandeis University.  Wooten's research is currently centered on the experiences of historically marginalized student populations in higher education.






Cultural Studies and Curriculum