2015 BERGAMO KEYNOTE: A Parallel Universe: The Keynote I Did Not Give


  • jan jagodzinski University of Alberta


What follows can be theorized as a ‘sheet of time’ that co-exists parallel to a keynote speech given at Bergamo, JCT conference on October 18, 2015.  It constitutes an alternative co-exiting universe or incompossible world as Deleuze develops this in The Fold, a trajectory of time that exists simultaneously but was not manifested – an incompossible present. It belongs to the same universe – but exists elsewhere. It was an ‘impossibility’ not then given, but given now, and it may well not be a true past.




Author Biography

jan jagodzinski, University of Alberta


Secondary Education


Ph.D.  (Doctorate of Philosophy) The University of Alberta, l980

Thesis Title: Aesthetic Consciousness and Criticism

M.Ed. (Masters of Education) University of Alberta, 1977.

Thesis Title: Aesthetics, Aesthetic Education, Art Education


Dr. jagodzinski is the Series Book Editor with Mark Bracher (Kent University):Pedagogy, Psychoanalysis, Transformation, Palgrave McMillan Press.