St(r)uck by feminism: The implications of engaging a text of resistance


  • Tara Eve Schwitzman Teachers College, Columbia University


feminism, resistance, anti-capitalism, exemplary methods, non-representational mapping, subjectivity, space, desire, images, politics


I explore how my subjectivity makes possible my reading of a “feminist” image in a subway car. I am struck by its potential for thinking about sexism, capitalism, subjectivity, space, and desire. I am stuck because I wonder if my reading is bound by the tasks/desires of a graduate student. After offering a surface, conventional reading of the image, I use exemplary methods to read the implications it has for feminist theory and use feminist non-representational geography to map how the spaces of graduate school and subway collided, allowing certain thoughts to stick to my reading. I wonder if discourses of anti-capitalist resistance make possible and sustain social relations that continue to oppress women and whether writing about (academic) images/texts is an act of significance or fictitious social capital. Engaging a reflective stance, I interrupt my reading to better understand the impact of graduate studies on reading cultural images/texts.