We are All Donald Trump: Dis/entangling from the Us/Them Binary in Education


  • Ashli Moore Walker The University of Georgia
  • Shara Cherniak The University of Georgia


post-truth, pedagogy, ethico-onto-epistemology, binary, Cartesian subject


In this paper, the authors engage in an ethico-onto-epistemological imagining of dis/entanglement from the gridlock that the us/them binary and Cartesian subject created in education. They move instead towards relationality and response-ability and argue that it is helpful to imagine that we are all Donald Trump. In doing so, we are confronted by our own contributions to injustices in a post-truth era and can envision and act towards healing and flourishing relationships.  Specifically, this helps us theorize how we might engage ethically with our secondary students and pre-service teachers with whom we may disagree politically.