Like a Rolling Stone: Risks, Implications, and Trajectories of Educational Events


  • Robert Piazza Centre High School Edmonton, AB
  • Kent den Heyer University of Alberta


aims, events, truth processes, curriculum invites


Building off work by Aoki, Badiou, and Biesta, the authors explore two questions about the aims of schooling and purposes of education: What might be educational about education beyond its qualification and socialization functions? In what way might we arrange knowledge for the possibility for “event” to occur and a subsequent “truth process” to proceed? In response, the authors use the career of the band The Rolling Stones as an example of key terms further elaborated through a teaching experience of failure. They conclude with a rumination of why teachers require humility in what they explore as a teacher’s “invitation” to students to encounter curricular “events.”

Author Biography

Kent den Heyer, University of Alberta


Deptartment of Secondary Education

University of Alberta